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Doctoral Programme (DP)


The doctoral programme (DP) “Climate change” of the University of Graz is aimed at students whose dissertation projects thematically revolve around the research questions of the DK. The DP is exerted by the DK faculty.

The DP aims at improving the interdisciplinary exchange and the methodically support of the PhD students. By participating in the programme, the supervision of the students is enriched and students are offered the possibilities to acquire additional skills. The central objective of the DP is the advancement of interdisciplinarity. For DP students, events out of various disciplines are offered, thereby fostering their interdisciplinary knowledge and understanding.

The foundation agreement and code of conduct of the DK “Climate Change” can be accessed via Mitteilungsblatt 16a (Jan 21, 2015) (in German).


Speaker Univ.-Prof. Dr. Lukas Meyer

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