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Training programme


Academic & skills training. A special training programme is offered for the doctoral students of the DKCC. It aims to enhance their research skills as well as fostering complementary soft skills. This endeavor is further strengthened by the interdisciplinary work environment at the University of Graz and its Fields of Excellence “Climate Change Graz”, as well as by involving the students in an international network of scientific partners.

Excellence. The stimulating diversity of research areas covered by the faculty of the DKCC provides an outstanding environment where students of different disciplines find exciting research topics and excellent guidance for their doctoral studies. The DKCC offers disciplinary training as well as interdisciplinary seminars and colloquia, summer schools and workshops. The PhD programme aims at training a selected group of outstanding PhD students for a professional career in universities, public and private research organizations, international institutions, consultancies and businesses, and government bodies.  


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Speaker Univ.-Prof. Dr. Lukas Meyer

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