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The DK conducts research on the challenges of climate change: thresholds, uncertainties, strategies


Challenge climate change. Anthropogenic climate change is one of the main societal challenges in the 21st century. Strategies to deal with climate change and its possible consequences are imbued with uncertainty. The DKCC attempts to reach a better understanding of climate change uncertainties, risks and options, in particular regarding critical thresholds, surpassing which may threaten the continuity of various systems. The DKCC investigates strategies for the transition towards a low-carbon and climate-robust economy and society, which involve a fundamental transformation of various economic, social, political and legal processes.

Independent and cooperative research.  Research in the DKCC is undertaken in physical climate science, geoscience, climate and environmental economics, innovation and sustainability research, normative theory, and environmental law. It addresses the two DKCC research questions. Research in the DKCC is organized along three research groups. They increase synergies through collaborative work on a regular basis.

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Speaker Univ.-Prof. Dr. Lukas Meyer

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