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Research questions


The two overall research questions in the DKCC are:

  1. What are scientifically sound, efficient and ethically defensible strategies for a transition towards a low-carbon and climate-robust economy and society and how can the necessary qualitative transformation be politically and legally implemented and legitimated?
  2. How should we deal with uncertainties and risks related to hydro-meteorological changes, in particular extreme events, and their associated consequences?  


Answers to these research questions are challenging as they bridge multiple disciplines. Interdisciplinary dialogue and understanding constitutes the necessary basis for addressing the implications of climate change and the development of strategies to cope with them.

One of the overarching goals of the DKCC is the development of concepts allowing the various disciplines to “speak with a common language”, while at the same time providing tools at the level of individual disciplines which are suitable for dealing with the problems at hand. The interdisciplinary approach of the DKCC is reflected not only by the different disciplines involved, but also the interdisciplinary research experience of the faculty members.


Speaker Univ.-Prof. Dr. Lukas Meyer

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