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Scientific Advisory Board


Feedback and evaluation. The DKCC has established a Scientific Advisory Board, comprised of three senior scientists with significant experience in interdisciplinary exchange and a proven record in student education. As outstanding international experts, they review the overall scientific concept of the DKCC and give feedback to individual students on their research projects. In doing so, the Scientific Advisory Board offers an outside perspective on the research conducted within the DKCC, which ensures the continuous self-evaluation of the programme.

Networking and interaction. The members of the Scientific Advisory Board typically join the DKCC and its students at the Annual Workshop, held each summer term. The Board members’ expertise covers climate system science, environmental ethics & political philosophy as well as risk assessment, policy analysis & environmental economics.  Furthermore, Board members act as hosts for a student’s international research stay, or they provide contacts to other research institutions to support the career development of individual DKCC students.


Scientific Advisory Board Members:

Douglas Crawford-Brown, Emeritus Professor of Environmental Sciences and Policy Analysis at the University of North Carolina and former Director of the Cambridge Centre for Climate Change Mitigation Research at the University of Cambridge

Stephen M. Gardiner, Professor of Philosophy and Ben Rabinowitz Endowed Professor of the Human Dimensions of the Environment at the University of Washington, Seattle

Gabriele Hegerl, Professor of Climate System Science at the School of Geosciences, University of Edinburgh


Speaker Univ.-Prof. Dr. Lukas Meyer

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