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Travel emissions statement

Mission statement on reducing travel emissions

At our doctoral program, we are not only concerned about climate change from a research perspective, but also try to reduce our own environmental impact. Emissions from travelling account for the largest share of emissions in research and we therefore have ambitions to reduce them. We have compiled travel mode recommendations that apply to our own academic travel and we also ask guest lecturers to follow these recommendations:

Low travel effort: Up to 7 hours train ride

If a journey can be done by train in up to seven hours, we recommend choosing this option rather than taking a flight.

Medium travel effort: From 7 to 12 hours train ride

If a journey takes between seven and twelve hours by train, this option should be considered and if feasible we recommend to give it preference to a flight. In particular, we recommend to consider night trains as a travel option.

High travel effort: More than 12 hours train ride

If the journey takes more than twelve hours by train, we fully understand if air travel is chosen, but we are happy if individuals prefer to use the train.
As most of the emissions from air travel arise during take-off and landing, we recommend taking as few flights as possible. In particular, we recommend to avoid short-distance connecting flights (e.g. from Graz to Vienna) and highly recommend using the train as an alternative.


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